5 Ideas for Jewelry Remodeling

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Jewelry remodeling and redesign started from the desire to give new life to old things, preserving the sentimental attachment while creating a piece that better reflects one's personality and style.

We all have jewelry pieces that are meaningful and special to us, but sometimes they no longer fit modern styles or perhaps they’re in need of many repairs that prevent us from wearing them like we used to. At Skeie’s, we love to see the potential of transforming your older jewelry into something you can love and wear again! With jewelry remodeling and redesign, the possibilities are many and you can leave with a piece that is equally special and one of a kind.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Make a pendant out of a ring

Create a lovely pendant for a stylish chain by having the head of a ring remodeled with a new well-fixed bail or jump-ring.

TIP! You don't have to include all the diamonds or gemstones you have on a single piece of jewelry. We suggest talking with your jeweler about all the options available to you. When you remodel a piece at Skeie’s Jewelers, our experienced designers can help you come up with ideas that you may have never thought of!

2. Transform a pearl string necklace into a double strand bracelet

If you have a broken pearl string necklace or a classic strand isn’t really your style, restring the pearls in a new way or completely redesign new pieces utilizing your special pearls. A double strand bracelet or a matching pearl necklace and bracelet are great and simple options.

You might even have a couple of pearls reserved to make matching earrings.

There are also ways to completely repurpose your pearls into something modern and innovative. We love looking to one of our favorite pearl designers, Mikimoto, for design inspiration. You can take a look at his designs by clicking here.

3. Let your imagination fly with gemstones

Replace the gemstones in a jewelry piece so that it better matches your style. Maybe the shape of your piece is quite lovely, but the mismatched colors of the gemstones aren’t ideal for you and your style.

Luckily, there are amazing gemstones available in every color of the rainbow! Ask a designer to create a palette that will match your outfits perfectly. Imagine antique earrings featuring rubies and tourmalines to match your favorite outfit? How about a dazzling necklace with sapphire and aquamarines to enhance your eyes? Adding fresh gemstones is such a fun way to breathe new life into a piece you already love! 

4. Upgrade your engagement ring

It’s common to upgrade an engagement ring for a special anniversary. This could include adding a diamond halo around your center stone for extra sparkle, choosing a new center diamond in a larger carat weight, or even choosing a different shape entirely.

Of course, another option is we can often utilize the gemstones in your current ring to redesign something completely new and different. Our designers can sit down with you to discuss what you would like and sketch out your new design. 

5. Repurpose gemstones and choose a new setting

Let’s say you’ve inherited pieces from a family member and you love the gemstones, but the settings just aren't your style. First, our gemologists can help you identify what stones you have and which ones are suitable to be reset into a new piece. We can then show you the current settings we have available or help you design a completely new setting for your gemstones. 

Your special piece, old or new, is treasured at Skeie’s. With our expert help, you can develop the most creative options to redesign your jewelry.

We would be delighted to work with you to remodel your special piece and transform it into something you can wear and enjoy for many years to come. Ready to get started? Book an appointment.

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