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Can a wedding band be resized?

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The last decades have seen a significant increase in wedding bands' types, the proposals of jewelry brands have created many new models of bands: from the most straightforward and most classic to the most elaborate and modern.

With so many designs, wedding bands' resizing has become a standard procedure at renowned jewelry stores.

Resizing is then essential since such a necessary element of a marriage union risks being irrevocably damaged if not adjusted well: it can either come loose and get lost or work under such compression that it bends.


It is essential to take the exact measurement of the finger for a precise readjustment. Before doing anything, it is advisable to contact an expert in the sector.

The goldsmith is an artist that, with skilled hands, precision and professionalism, shapes a wedding band, making various necessary changes. Below we explain how it is done.

My wedding band is too small

To widen a wedding band, the expert opens the ring's circumference with a very thin saw. The goldsmith weighs the wedding band before enlarging to see how much the ring will gain in weight.

An open C is thus formed on the bottom; the expert hands of a goldsmith check if there are any previous welds before filing the cut parts, making them uniform and square.

With delicate precision tweezers, grasping both sides, a wedding band's shank is widened in various stages, bringing it to a greater size.

A small section of metal is added into the wedding ring slot, and the band is then given a curved shape.

My wedding band is too big

The wedding band slips off the finger: grooms, brides, and spouses often face similar problems. To not lose the jewelry, you need to solve the problem with the help of a specialist.

Not so different from the enlarging process, when the goal is to shorten the perimeter of a band, a goldsmith uses various tools to calculate the diameter of the ring and modify it accordingly with the help of a gas torch, which is then necessary to eliminate the cuts with metal welding.

Finally, when a band reaches the right size, the master equalizes the ends of the ring. Ultimately, the product is subjected to polishing, acquiring the original brilliance.

Types of bands you should not try to resize

When a wedding band has stones in its circumference, the master removes them from their prongs, performs the standard procedures to change the band size, and then inserts the stone back.

However, when the goal is a reduction and stones on the ring must be tightened again in the prongs. There is a limit: if the stones cannot be narrowed, they risk falling out of the metal support, which is why in some cases, the goldsmith is forced to reduce the number of stones.

The more details the ring has along with its band, the more difficult it will be to resize it since the two ends in the design of flowers, leaves, or any other non-continuous line may never realign properly.

Therefore, it is always better to contact an expert in the sector with experience, technique, and skill to change the size of wedding bands without altering their aesthetics.

If you are in Eugene, Oregon looking for specialized wedding bands resizing, come to Skeie's jewelers for an honest evaluation.

If your band is adjustable, our trusted craftsman will complete the work you so desire, bringing the band to the perfect measurement.

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