Can a Wedding Band Be Resized?

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If you have a wedding band that is looking too small, too big, or simply feels uncomfortable, it is time to think about resizing.

Finding the right ring size is trickier than most people assume, and that is because our bodies change on warmer or colder days, with altitude, swimming, and, sometimes, after we work out. Therefore, it is okay if your ring does not fit so well.

Fortunately, resizing is quite common and can be done more often than not—depending on the metal and precious stones on the shank of your ring. Learn more.

My wedding band is too small

Depending on how much a band needs to change, jewelers will evaluate if it is better to stretch or add sufficient metal to reach the correct size. Stretching is not recommended for many rings since it can compromise their structure.

We always recommended that you seek help from jewelers with experience in resizing all types of bands. The work to resize a ring should be meticulous so that no lines are visible. The ring has to look uniform and sleek after the process.

My wedding band is too big

When your wedding band is slipping off your finger, we recommend removing it and placing it within a safe place before having it resized. If you keep wearing it, you might lose a precious treasure.

Pick the correct ring size with the help of specialists. Goldsmiths calculate the width and thickness of the ring and modify it with irrevocable precision and the use of soldering equipment. Then, artisans eliminate the seam, so that the new junction looks imperceptible and maintains its original brilliance.

Types of bands that are difficult to resize

Adorned bands: the more details a ring has along its shank, the more difficult it will be to keep the design of flowers, leaves, or any other pattern unaltered.

Eternity bands: when a wedding band has many stones surrounding it, a jeweler removes them from its prongs, resizes the band, and then re-sets the stones. The prongs that hold the stones in place might change, and sometimes the number of stones needs to be reduced.

Tungsten and titanium bands: these metals have a solid structure and do not take soldering. Before shopping for wedding bands, ask a consultant if they can be resized.

If the wedding band is a surprise

If you are surprising your sweetheart with a gorgeous wedding band and cannot guess the size precisely, opt for a larger band.

When they receive your gift, it will look better if they can put it on. This way, they can see how lovely it looks on their hands, even if it needs a little adjusting.

Before resizing

When choosing the correct size, ask for specialized help, and make sure your hands don’t feel swollen when you have the measurement taken. If it is a snowy day and your hands get cold, it might be better to wait a few days.

Contact an expert to use the best technique and skill on your wedding band. They will treasure your piece as much as you do without altering its aesthetics.

Resizing services in Eugene, OR

If you are in Eugene, Oregon looking for specialized wedding band resizing services, visit Skeie's Jewelers. Our very experienced professionals offer high-quality services.

Skeie’s is proud to offer easy and stress-free resizing services. In a few steps, we can have your wedding band evaluated and adjusted to fit just right.

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