Choosing a Bridal Necklace

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Though the ring is the central focus of wedding jewelry, finding other pieces for your wedding day is important as well. 

Brides love necklaces because they can greatly enhance the beauty of the hairstyle and wedding dress. The many options of necklines and necklaces can make finding the perfect match seem like a daunting task before the wedding day. 

The good news is you don't have to worry anymore; this stress-free article will give you lovely ideas to create a fantastic combination!

1. Match your necklace with the dress

Necklaces can be a staple when your wedding dress is strapless, V-shaped, Y-shaped, or heart-shaped. They will help you highlight your wedding dress and add luminosity to your face! For dresses without a neckline, your best bet is to focus on earrings.

2. If your dress has lots of sparkles

For a dress with shiny beads and appliqués, choose a necklace that can go with it without giving the dress too much shine. In this case, the best idea is to choose a necklace that is simple, discreet, and not too busy or sparkly. Seek balance between a sufficiently glossy dress and jewelry.

3. If your dress has some color in it

Whether you've added a pop color to your dress with the lace, appliqués, or decorated embroidery, a good tip is to consider the overall "temperature" of your dress.

If the shades in your dress are cool, go with white gold, sterling silver, and platinum. If the shade is warm, bet on yellow and rose gold. Pearl strings usually go with either tone but need to fit the neckline well.

4. If your dress is stark white

The sky is the limit! Explore opal, mother-of-pearl, diamond, and pearl necklaces if you want to stay in the monochromatic realm. You can also pick a necklace that features gems that will enhance your eye color. With a purely white dress, you can explore any gemstone color, look into what they symbolize, or opt for a necklace featuring your birthstone.

5. Choose carefully

The experts’ tip is always to leave some space between the necklace and the neckline. If your dress neckline is slightly higher on one side, you can opt for a choker necklace, as long as it is delicate.

Choose a necklace that keeps in harmony with the dress. Balance is the key. Always pick the dress first before selecting the jewelry and keep comfort in mind.

Choose a focal point: it can either be the earrings, necklace, or hairpins. Just always remember no piece of jewelry should steal the show from your dress. On the contrary, with the right necklace, you make your dress look even more beautiful!

Bridal necklaces in Eugene, Oregon

Skeie's offers a wide variety of necklaces, with pieces in different metals and designs. 

Take a few pictures of your dress neckline, and we will help you find the match that makes you feel gorgeous! Find us at 10 Oakway Center in Eugene, OR.

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