How to match earrings and outfits

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Earrings can add the last touch to an outfit or even transform your entire look. To look fashionable from head to toe, choose earrings that speak to you and add extra sparkle to your style.

When choosing earrings, it is essential to consider your preferences, the color and fit of your clothes, and the occasion. Find out below how to combine earrings of all shapes, colors, and sizes with your outfits.


Business. For work-life, studs are discreet, elegant, and go well with blazers and hair updos. You can pick gemstone studs of all colors or tiny hoop earrings for special events in the office to contrast with a work dress or suit.

Night out. Exquisite earrings will add the pop of sparkle you need for a dinner or date: we suggest hoops, dangle or drop style earrings, and anything with diamonds to really pull an outfit together. 

Casual day. This is a great chance to wear something comfortable and minimal, or play with a pop of color! Enjoy rich colors like bluish opals or turquoise earrings for an unplanned lunch or outing. Organic shapes look amazing with linen and floral dresses and are great for warm days.


Contrast Keep in mind that small earrings like studs and pearls can be lovely and delicate, but they can be bold if you opt for showcasing colors that contrast with what you are wearing. Here are some ideas:
  • Amethyst studs against a yellow top;
  • Emerald drops with a wine-colored dress;
  • Sapphire dangle-earrings paired with a white blazer.

Match earrings to your eyes

Earrings can enhance the color and shine of your eyes. All colors are allowed, but the shades closest to your iris will have the most impactful effect. Get inspired:

  • Try smoky quartz dangle earrings to bring out the depth of brown eyes. A cream top will finish your look perfectly;
  • Pair London topaz pear-shaped earrings if you have blue or green eyes. Create a full monochromatic look with a navy scarf;
  • For hazel eyes, garnet earrings, or ruby bar earrings with a pink, off-the-shoulder top will create a rare combination!


Hoops. There are different variations of this style ranging from simple huggies to large or elaborate versions of varying thicknesses. Hoops are a classic and the right pair can look amazing with almost any outfit.

Studs. This style is simple and easy to wear. If you're short on time or just want to add a touch of sparkle to your outfit, studs are a great effortless choice.

Dangles. Dangles will often move and articulate causing them to catch the light and add interest to a simple outfit. They can be small and simple for everyday wear or colorful and intricate. 

Cuffs. cuffs are great for those who want a modern addition to their earring stack! They're also a good option for those who don't currently have their ears pierced. 

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