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July Birthstone is The Ruby

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King of gemstones: The Ruby

The ruby is a deep red gemstone that represents the birthdays of July. Similar to the summer weather, the ruby is a warm and bright choice. We offer a few different styles of ruby jewelry, but we encourage you to come into our store and see our full range of options. 

Name being derived from the Latin word "rubber" which means red, the Ruby represents passion, love, and success. Live freely and confidently while wearing this fiery stone. (source: GIA)

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Lika Behar

Rose Cut Ruby Earrings

Precision Set

Ruby Eternity Band

Stanton Color

Ruby Stud Earrings

 We have more options in store. Come check them out! 

Diamond and Ruby Band $2,280

Diamond and Ruby Pennant necklace $3,365

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