July Birthstone is The Ruby

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July: The Month of the Ruby  

The ruby is a deep red gemstone that represents the birthdays of July. Similar to the summer weather, the ruby is a warm and bright choice.  The name is derived from the  Latin word "ruber" which means red. The Ruby represents passion, love, and success. Live freely and confidently while wearing this fiery stone. (source: GIA) 

Some of the first rubies were found in Myanmar. This is one of the oldest recorded sources and for more than five centuries, the Mogok area in Myanmar produced some of the most sought-after rubies. To follow, the Luc Yen region in northern Vietnam is unique for their purple-red rubies. Thailand and Cambodia were the major source of rubies in the marketplace for many years. And today Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar are all important regions that produce this beautiful gem.

Rubies have a long and unique history. The American Gem Society says rubies have been particularly prized in Asian countries. History suggest that rubies were traded along China’s North Silk Road as early as 200 BC. To add to that, Chinese noblemen decorated their armor with rubies because they believed the gem would grant protection. 

In ancient India, ruby was called the “king of precious stones” for its rarity, hardness, beauty and seemingly mystical powers. Long associated with the life force blood, ruby was a symbol of power and youthful energy in Indian jewelry. Rubies are often heat treated to remove purplish coloration, leaving a purer red. The process can also remove “silk”  that can cause a gem to appear lighter in tone and be more opaque.

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Watch the video below to learn more about rubies from our gemologist, Kathy. If you have any questions about this gorgeous gemstone, or if you would like assistance with selecting the perfect ruby piece for you or someone special, please reach out to us! You can schedule an appointment with one of our gemologists by calling us at 541-345-0354.

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