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Skeie's Diamond Series: Black Label Diamonds

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Black Label diamonds are unlike other diamonds, their quality and beauty surpasses all other diamonds. When a Black Label Diamond is cut, it’s to achieve an optical performance that has never been seen on diamonds before. 


The facets must be meticulously precise when hand crafted. This means each facet in the pavilion, crown and girdle of the diamond must be exactly the right size and placed at exactly the right location and angle.  All these elements come together within a few microns, for exacting symmetry, resulting in maximum sparkle. 


Historically, a round brilliant diamond has been the only shape to be cut with supreme symmetry and therefore to achieve maximum light performance. 

However, today, with state-of-the-art advances in technology and expert craftsmanship, Forevermark is able to offer diamonds in square, cushion, oval and heart shapes with symmetry that achieves optimum facet alignment. Each cut, with supreme symmetry and unprecedented accuracy to release a dazzling light. 

For the first time, uniquely shaped diamonds can exhibit radiance and scintillation comparable to round brilliant cuts, establishing a collection of diamonds with unmatched brilliance. Side by side, a Forevermark Black Label diamond outshines any other diamond. The Black Label Collection sets a new standard for beauty and brilliance in both round and lavishly shaped diamonds. 


Here at Skeie’s Jewelers in Eugene Oregon, we have been hand selecting exceptional diamonds for 100 years. We believe in offering the very best to our customers, including responsibly sourced black label diamonds. We invite you to visit us in-store to learn more about diamonds and to find the perfect one for you. Call or email us to schedule an appointment and meet with one of our gemologists.

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