Skeie's Diamond Series: Fancy Diamond Shapes

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A diamond shape refers to its physical form and is often one of the first features one will consider when buying a diamond. Fancy shaped diamonds are not restricted to just engagement rings, but can also be applied to a variety of diamond jewelery. While Round-shaped diamonds are more popular and are commonly purchased, Fancy Shaped Diamonds can have a distinct and unique character that offers a bold and tender sentiment.

Fancy shaped diamonds can include, cushion, oval, cushion, princess, emerald, pear, radiant, marquise and even heart-shaped diamonds. Let’s learn more about each.


Does the shape change how bright a diamond is?

For some specific diamond shapes including round, cushion and princess, they’re cut to maximize light, which means a more intense sparkle. You will often see these diamonds referred to as “Brilliant” cut diamonds. 

As for other diamonds, such as an emerald cut, this shape focuses on the clarity and precision of the diamond. When worn, an emerald cut diamond elongates the wearer’s fingers giving the appearance of longer and slender hands.

Is there a difference between “cut” and “shape”?

The terms “cut" and “shape” often feel like they can be used interchangeably, however they don’t mean the same thing.  

The shape of a diamond refers to the outline or physical appearance of the diamond. For example, pear, round and heart diamonds all look like the actual shape.The cut refers to a diamond facet, symmetry, dimensions and sparkle or shine qualities.

Cushion Cut Diamond
The Cushion Cut Diamond gets its name from its square shape with rounded edges, creating pillow or cushion-like diamonds.

Classic Round Cut Diamond
As the most popular diamond type, the Round Cut represents the majority of diamonds sold. This diamonds exceptional brilliance is a classic and ageless style.

Oval-Cut Diamond
The Oval’s elongated silhouette offers a grande appearance and unique wear. With round and smooth edges, this shape creates a strong and durable diamond.

Emerald-Cut Diamond
The name Emerald comes from the technique in which the Emerald gem is crafted and refined. The emerald is treasured for its subtle elegance and striking silhouette.

Radiant Cut Diamond
A Radiant Cut Diamond has an exclusive allure. This diamond cut is an elegant combination of an emerald shape and the exquisite fire and shine of a round shape.

Princess-Cut Diamond
The Princess Diamond is made from the inverted pyramid of the rough raw diamond. Traditionally, the Princess Cut achieves has an extraordinary brilliance and fire.

Pear-Cut Diamond
A Pear Shaped Diamond is an enchanting gem. Pear shapes have a unique cut and are harder to find, however, this shape is a stunning alternative to traditional engagement shapes.

Heart-Shaped Diamond
The heart is a symbol of love, and so can a diamond. The Heart Shaped Diamond exudes an exquisite and of a kind figure. This diamond shape can be set in a ring, p endant or any other favorite piece of jewelry.

Marquise Diamond
The Marquise shape features dramatic pointed ends and a curved middle, resembling an eye. This romantic shape originated in the 18th century and offers a unique elegance that stands the test of time. 

Understanding the variety of diamond shape opens up for more opportunity to personalize and style jewelry that will last a lifetime. Each shape offers a distinct difference that is designed to help you select the perfect diamond for yourself or your future Mr. Or Mrs. 

You can shop our rotating diamond collection online! And, if you’re still unsure which diamond shape is best suited for you, come and visit our store and you can work with our diamond experts to find your perfect diamond. 

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