The February Birthstone: Amethyst

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Amethyst is the birthstone for February. Recognized by its many shades of purple, lilac and deep violet, the amethyst is a gemstone with a long and mysterious history.  The name “amethyst” derives from the Greek word “amethystos.”

Historically, royals have admired the deep purple hue of the February birthstone since the days of Alexander the Great. If you were born in February, styling and wearing an amethyst symbolizes personal empowerment and inner strength. In addition to celebrating those born in February, the amethyst traditionally is given on a sixth wedding anniversary.

The history and discovery of this gemstone date back thousands of years with Russia being the major source of amethyst until the 19th century. However, in today’s market, the most recognized sources of amethyst are in Africa and South America. Brazil is also a prominent supplier, though the rough amethyst mined tend to have a lighter color than ones found in other countries. Some of the allure of the amethyst can come from its mined origins. Amethyst mined in Brazil sometimes forms in hollow, crystal-lined geodes so large you can stand in them.

For centuries amethysts were as valuable and expensive as emeralds, sapphires or rubies. However, a large deposit of amethyst was discovered in Brazil, which caused the financial value to drop. With that being said, the stone still retains its rare beauty, rich history and meaning.

Amethyst ranks 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This gemstone is durable for daily use in rings and other jewelry. Over time, it may show wear and require repolishing from time to time. When it comes to care and maintenance of the amethyst, it can be cleaned gently in warm, soapy water with a microfiber or other soft cloth.

 This elegant birthstone has enchanted many for centuries. Now you can buy a royal gift for your love born in February.

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