The Seiko 2024 Line-Up

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Explore the 2024 Seiko watch collection, where innovation meets tradition in a stunning array of timepieces. From elegant dress watches to robust sports models, each Seiko watch exemplifies precision engineering and timeless design. Discover cutting-edge features like advanced movements, durable materials, and stylish aesthetics that cater to modern tastes and lifestyles. Whether you're a collector or seeking the perfect gift, the 2024 Seiko watch collection promises exceptional quality and reliability, reflecting Seiko's dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.

Seiko Limited Edition Watch
Seiko SJE

The MarineMaster Series

Crafted for serious divers and watch aficionados, the MarineMaster series from Seiko embodies precision and durability. With its robust design, advanced automatic movement, and exceptional 300-meter water resistance, the Seiko 2024 MarineMaster is engineered to exceed expectations in challenging aquatic environments. 

Featuring a distinctive aesthetic and superior functionality, this timepiece represents Seiko's commitment to quality and innovation in diver's watches. Explore the Seiko 2024 MarineMaster and experience the legacy of excellence that defines Seiko's renowned dive watch collections. With a Limited Edition offering in the white dial, and a total of 5 colorways, this collection will be an instant classic. 

  • 6L37 Movement
  • 39.5mm diameter
  • 660ft diving capacity
  • 45 hour power reserve

The Presage Classic Series

This exquisite 2024 collection showcases Seiko's dedication to precision and style, featuring luxurious materials and intricate detailing.  Perfect for both formal occasions and everyday wear, these watches embody the essence of sophistication and versatility. 

"At the heart of the new series are richly textured, curved dials that express the soft and supple feel of natural textiles whose use is interwoven into Japan’s culture. The series features two different dial configurations and sets of functions. With their curvature and intricately textured patterns, the dials capture and reflect ambient light to create a heightened sense of depth and beauty. The tops of the indexes curve to conform with the dials’ rounded shape, and the minute and seconds hands bend gently toward the markers."

Seiko Presage Classic Dials
Seiko Presage Collection
Seiko Presage
Seiko Presage Collection

The Instant Classic SPB455

The 2024 Release of the 100th Anniversary 1965 Heritage Diver’s Special Edition, and a watch that has taken the Seiko world by storm since it's summer release. 

The luminescent charcoal dial with gold gilting is reminiscent of Seiko's instantly recognizable design features and comes on a stainless steel bracelet with the an additional Seychu strap, packaged in a stunning collector's box to celebrate the momentous release. 

  • Diameter: 40mm 
  • Calibre 6R55, featuring a 72 hour power reserve
  • 300 Meter Dive Capacity
Seiko SPB455
Seiko Prospex SPB455

The 2024 Core Collection

Seiko offers a diverse range of watches in the Core Collection, catering to every style and occasion. Whether you prefer classic dress watches, durable diver's models, or versatile everyday timepieces, Seiko's Core Collection showcases innovation and quality. 

Each watch is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring advanced movements and durable materials that ensure lasting performance. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Seiko Core Collection, trusted by watch enthusiasts worldwide for its heritage and excellence.

The SRPL11 introduces a bold red dial and uni-directional rotating dive bezel, with a date window tucked in the 4'o'clock position and crown guards for added protection and wearability. At $575, the SRPL11 packs a punch as a Dive Watch that doubles as your everyday driver. 

  • 41mm diameter 
  • Calibre 4R35
  • 41 hour power reserve 
  • 200 meter dive capacity 

Seiko SRPL11

The Seiko Core Go-To Models

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