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What hand does the engagement ring go on?

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How many times in the movies have we swooned over the scene where the protagonist flawlessly produces the one ring and voices the fateful question? However, such an important gift needs a certain accuracy in the choice.

More often than not, women’s “stealth” attempts to advise partners what they most desire become funny tales. The question of which finger to wear engagement jewelry and whether to combine it with a wedding in the future remains open.

Right or left hand?

According to tradition, the engagement ring is always worn on the ring finger of the left hand, where it will then be followed by a wedding ring: on the day of the wedding, the engagement ring is moved to the other hand to make way for an even more precious ring, from there, it is customary to wear both rings on the same finger.

This is because there is a widespread belief that a small artery passes right from the left ring finger and goes up along the arm directly to the heart.

The truth is it depends where you are. Countries like Brazil and Greece mostly tend to wear the engagement ring in the right hand, and, with the addition of the wedding band, both are then worn together in the ring finger of the left hand.

Brazilians also acquire engagement rings for the couple and not only the woman. Other cultures even have the right index finger as the receiver of such rings.

To date, the engagement ring on the left ring finger has retained its symbolic meaning: direct connection to the heart, the center of all feelings of love.

Wedding day is here, what should I do with my engagement ring?

Well, engagement rings are forever because you only propose marriage once in any relationship, so your engagement ring can be worn together with the wedding ring for the rest of your life, on the same ring finger of the left hand, as a sign of the indissoluble close bond forged on proposal day.

We suggest wearing your engagement ring on your right hand on your wedding day, then after exchanging vows you can move the engagement ring on top of your wedding ring so that the wedding ring stays “closer” to you.

Will you marry me?

The French Toi et Moi (you & me) is what really matters. When you propose and hear this question, the adrenaline and love coursing through your system will make you think of the meaningfulness and warm things to come.

So, it’s all good! The wider the choices, the more you can afford to wear your favorite jewelry as you like!

Surveys and our experiences simply show that there is no rule, and that depending on the designs, comfort, and your desires, you can decide to place the engagement ring on your right hand without being afraid of committing a gaffe!

Whatever hand your religion and culture prompts you to choose, find a ring that will be a symbol of your devotion for years and enhance the beauty of your beloved with unique cuts and plays of light.

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