Great jewel gift ideas to cherish someone you
love this Christmas


Christmas is one of our favorite holidays. It is bright and cozy, filled with light and people we love. It is the moment when we give and receive gifts! In this case, the ideal option is jewelry, because a Christmas gift jewel will delight every woman!

Modern and trendy women love a new look. Jewelry is the perfect gift to see their joy and eagerness when they put on a new sparkly piece. Give her a chic bracelet, stylish earrings, or a beautiful necklace, and her heart will melt. The options are many. Here are our top gift ideas:


Surprise them with diamond studs

Diamond studs are great gifts because they are affordable options while still being long-lasting. Even as a small gesture, giving a piece of jewelry during the holiday season creates a memory that will last a very long time.

Since she will be wearing it, she will often remember you and this charming initiative!


Propose with Forevermark

The Christmas holidays are the favorite time for the expected question! The most joyous season to deliver the desired engagement ring is Christmas. A Forevermark engagement ring will become the gift she loves the most this Christmas, and it will be remembered for many years to come.

Forevermark has over 100 years of crafting diamond engagement rings with hand-selected diamonds that are sourced responsibly. If your sweetheart treasures these values and you love her for it, make her Christmas an unforgettable one with a lovely engagement ring.


Light up their Christmas
with gold necklaces

Do you want something to give them some extra light? Choose diamond necklaces. A quirky alternative? A necklace with a bold pendant! Stylish? Station necklaces! And this is not all.

If you want to follow the holidays' magic through and through, give a gemstone necklace that will convey a special message ! Skeie’s jewelers showcases endless options of necklaces in Eugene, Oregon.

Indulge them with gold bracelets

Women who love sophistication cannot do without a tennis bracelet! Bracelets are the quintessential symbol of a bond but less demanding than a ring because they don't need measurements .

Bracelets are gifts that will not stay closed in jewelry boxes! Explore textures and give them to friends who are fun and warm. We guarantee they will love it! Dedicate the beautiful colors of the season with the glamorous lights of intricate jewelry and create lovely surprises.

Inspire with Forevermark Tribute Collection

Make sure they shine like never before. Mesmerize a woman who was there for you this whole year with something sparkly and original from Forevermark's Tribute Collection. The collection dazzles with pieces brimming with femininity and delicate designs.

Explore white gold necklaces and rings with clean lines and many diamonds. You will find a meaningful jewel for all tastes in the Tribute Collection with a theme that looks to offer a diamond "for each one of her qualities ."

Show them the love with gemstone earrings

Every woman loves earrings, especially if they are picked for her. Earrings are a great Christmas gift choice because you can personalize them for each woman's birthstone! As a bonus, we are adding a brief list of gemstone earrings you can choose from:

January - her birthstone will be garnet
February - surprise your mother or sister with amethyst earrings
March - she will adore aquamarine earrings
April - shower your sweetheart with diamond earrings
May - bring friends utter joy with emerald earrings
June - show the world her beauty with pearl earrings
July - dazzle her with ruby earrings
August - they will think you hung the moon with peridot earrings
September - celebrate your favorite friends with sapphire earrings
October - enchant your daughter or sister with opal earrings
November - Steal her heart with topaz earrings
December - help her sparkle all the more with tanzanite earrings


Take their breath away with
a luxury watch

Timepieces broadcast the tastes and style of their owner to the outside world. Some people prefer timepieces with complex movements, while others love them for the prestige and luxury they convey.

One thing is for certain, you can never go wrong with a timepiece gift, and they are also one of the favorite options of Christmas gifts for men.

A timepiece is a gift to remember. It will not only offer comfort and practicality, a dazzling strap, but it will also offer incredible durability and details. The concept behind luxury brands is a statement of their own. They will never want to take it off their wrists!


Christmas jewel gift ideas
in Eugene, OR


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