How modern couples are shopping their dream Engagement Rings without affecting their budget

If you are a think-ahead type of person, you know after a proposal you will start saving for a wedding, which translates into budgeting a location, flowers, a buffet, a photographer, a ceremonialist, a dress, and the list goes on.

A clever couple should compute their engagement ring in this total budget, since most of the time, the average couple will get married within five to twelve months after the proposal day.

But here is the thing, all this money talk can hinder your hopes of getting her the diamond dream she’s been sighing for.

So how are people even doing it?
The truth is, if you want to find a generous ring without denting your budget, you have to know everything about them to make a confident purchase. No one will ever doubt your love with our list of things you should learn to purchase the ring of a lifetime.

Engagement Rings have
powerful symbology

These heart warmers have been around for a while, and there are many girls out there either lovingly admiring one or wishing they were.

Not only that, but they are one of the few remaining icons that connect us so profoundly to ancient times and our ancestors.

Nobody knows exactly when we started gifting rings to mark a sort of pre-matrimonial status. We know for a fact engagement rings were already there when Romans were around, and evidence can even be traced back to the Egyptians.

That’s why engagement rings still hold an air of mysterious legacies and evoke a sometimes-lost sense of romance.

Engagement Rings reflect on you

Engagement rings are awe-inspiring because they show the world you were the one to get that loved and desired woman.

In modern days, nobody needs an explanation as to ­what exactly engagement rings are, and that is because we use them as a guide to learn about people’s marital status without having to ask them.

Tucked within them lies a message of love, care, and loyalty. Once you propose with an engagement ring, you will want it to be significant enough that no one will doubt your fiancé is engaged.

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands are not the same

It is a common mistake to assume the two are interchangeable, but Engagement Rings and Wedding bands observe different occasions.

Whereas the Engagement Ring is most often purchased by a man planning to offer a woman a romantic marriage proposal in which the element of surprise is quintessential, a wedding band is often picked by the couple before the wedding and are exchanged during the ceremony representing the continuous line of love and eternity.

Wedding bands are simply designed and showcase metals and the width of the band, they are typically very comfortable. Engagement Rings are all about intricate designs that enhance a particular diamond or gemstone.

Engagement Ring styles are countless

The modern craft of engagement rings has taken wings and it is very common for renowned jewelers like Skeie’s to give a contemporary twist to classic settings of diamonds or gems over the band of a ring. Here we list the trendiest for you!



This type of ring is lovely and well adorned. They usually give the impression of an augmented stone since they bring a halo around the diamond or gemstone. A symbol of earnestness and sincerity.


This ring style brings forth the idea of commitment in which each stone represents the past, present, and future. Three stone engagement rings are stunning and often showcase vivid gemstones in the laterals framing a magical diamond.


When looking for an engagement ring style that emphasizes the shank, this is the best option. The style takes careful design and balance that impresses with state-of-the-art sensations.


This is a classic style that highlights the stone more than any other. Solitaire engagement rings look dreamy, handcrafted, and showcase the diamond cut like no other.


Enchanting and playful, bypass engagement rings were born during the Victorian Era and signified the encounter of two souls. Bypass rings easily showcase more than one stone, but the lines in a ring can secretly disappear round the finger creating quite the effect.

Purchasing an Engagement Ring requires specialized assistance

Unless you are planning on becoming a rough stone artisan or studying diamonds with microscopes as a hobby, your best bet is to make use of the technology and expertise jewelers can offer you.

Moreover, by exploring jewelry stores, you will most likely gain even further knowledge about the world of jewels. And we have established that the more you learn, the better equipped you will be to purchase a beautiful ring within your budget.

Are you ready to choose?

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Now that we’ve provided you with a solid list and compelling details about engagement rings, you will be able to make a clever and impressive purchase. But professional guidance will embolden you and confirm what you already know.

Seek an expert and experienced jewelry brand so that you can hold all types of engagement rings and see what makes each of them the ring that will tell your love story.