Jewel Necklaces & their captivating styles

Our fascination with these lustrous handcrafted art pieces is no novelty. The power of necklaces embellishes attractiveness and visibility. They vary in shape, material, and size and have conquered a special place in every woman's jewel box.

Layering necklaces of different metals and aesthetics transforms simple outfits into chic and unforgettable ensembles. They can also evoke religion, identity, and assertiveness.

A popular trend in high-end jewelry specializes in translating the necklace's symbolic, full-of-meaning legacy into new designs with precious stones that turn into incredible masterpieces. In this article, we will talk about necklace styles, chains, and gemstones.


Styles of Necklaces

Necklaces are irreplaceable adornments and come in many varieties. They are beautiful and lush jewelry
that can frame your best image both in business and everyday life. Here are some styles:

Station Necklaces

Quite endearing and romantic, station necklaces have delicate sections spaced out evenly along the
chain featuring dainty and crafty designs. The style has been on-trend for decades, and it comes in
different lengths.


Lariat Necklaces

This style doesn't carry a pendant that runs along the chain. Instead, part of the chain dips down at the center of the necklace, and the very tip has a gem pendant, a pearl, or a vertical bar. This necklace
comes in many shapes and styles, making the junction unusual compared to chains' general layout.



Mysterious, intricate, and exuberant, lockets often open like a book. The secrets within can reveal relics, tokens, and photographs, making them one of the most personal pendants to wear. They typically click with delicate latches under the luminance of yellow, rose, or white gold.


Strand Necklaces

Specially designed to contour the neck, strand necklaces can have more than one layer. Strand
necklaces showcase artful clasps and are recognized with gorgeous sequences of pearls or beads.
Just fasten the halves together and get a sophisticated look!


Halo Necklaces

Halo pendants earn the spotlight! These beauties make us catch our breath with a design that started
with diamond rings and is now reinterpreted with magnetic brilliants that gain a category of their own. Their craft requires rigorous expertise. The final look is one of definite class and glamour, making them a cosmopolitan indulgence.


Pendant Necklaces

From the vast array of pendant forms—adequate for night or day occasions—pendants ascertain an
impressive entrance for all ladies! Pendants share the stage with hollow or solid chains that come in
a multitude of metals. Talented goldsmiths, then, give careful thought to orchestrate flawlessly balanced proportions between pendant and chain.

Necklaces featuring gemstones

The exquisiteness of high-end necklaces stems from one-of-a-kind gems. The immortal facets of
precious stones dazzle with burning colors or softer, floating shades in ingenious cuts.

Gemstone necklaces are irresistible for their craft, geometry, and savoir-faire. Nothing is more majestic
than a cherished, eternal, and impacting gem around the exposed neckline.
Here are the most disputed gemstone necklaces:



They are one of a kind. If you appreciate rare and captivating necklaces, diamonds should be your choice. Their uniqueness is mesmerizing, and the whimsical reflections of light around your neck will make all the difference. Look extraordinary with a diamond necklace!


If class and mystery describe you, the colorless and timeless elegance of pearl necklaces will enhance your natural beauty! Show your inner harmony wherever you go with the natural sweetness and fortune
of pearls.



If you like bright blue shades, a sapphire necklace will unquestionably evoke a forget-me-not impression. The unique spark will hold all eyes, and the alluring blue shimmer of sapphires will always be the symbol
of loyalty, elevating any look you put together.


We're calling all spring lovers here! The unique and deep green is the symbol of love and rebirth. For all the artists and creatives, emerald necklaces will be a favorite! If you are thinking of gifting someone with
a gemstone necklace, an emerald will make a loved
person beam with sheer happiness.
What are the types of necklace chains?



As the name says, this is an ultramodern type of chain inspired on the shape of paperclips.
This chain is eye-catching and usually works as a centerpiece.



The classic link chain is an all-time favorite. It has oval links in even shapes connected to form a
continuous chain in gold, platinum, sterling, and oxidized silver.



The wheat chain is made of slightly bent plates. Every section is exceptionally interwoven into an
uninterrupted and flexible chain that resembles wheat. It is a trendy shape and can be
worn on its own or with a pendant.



A series of symmetric links forms a Rolo chain. Round wire is grouped very tightly, making this chain
complex and durable. The main difference between the rolo and cable chain is that the rolo style
forms round links while cable features oval links.



A cable chain showcases small tiny oval hoops, identical in shape and size, and tucked neatly forming a
"cable" sequence. Each link is hollow and sleek, adding modernity and craft to the look of any necklace.

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