Sparkling in Her Kitchen: Amanda Shulman

Sparkling in Her Kitchen: Amanda Shulman

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Jewelry is one essential fashion accessory that remains timeless and can be enjoyed by all, regardless of occupation or lifestyle. 29-year-old Philadelphia chef Amanda Shulman is the epitome of this; Though she may be elbows-deep in flour or buzzing around Her Place Supper Club, she still finds a way to show her style through jewelry. 

Shulman founded Her Place Supper Club amidst the COVID-19 pandemic after hosting supper club parties for friends throughout her college years at the University of Pennsylvania. She studied journalism and political science, but Shulman’s passion for cooking took precedence in her life. Though opening a restaurant during a pandemic may sound counterintuitive, she saw it as an opportunity to establish herself as a distinguished chef in Philadelphia, despite its challenges. “I overcame it by not listening to the noise around me and following my gut and working harder than I ever knew was possible,” said Shulman. 


Now, Her Place Supper Club is a prominent Philadelphia restaurant known for its casual dinner-party-like atmosphere that serves food you will not find at your average dinner party. Shulman and a small team prepare everything from scratch with six courses and fresh ingredients. The menu can change at a moment's notice, depending on the availability and quality of ingredients.


Shulman and her team also serve your food and clean up when your plate is empty, meaning the 29-year-old chef is front and center, whether she is in the kitchen or visiting your table. This encourages her to show off her style, even when dressed uniformly in chef whites. Jewelry and earrings, in particular, have allowed Shulman to express herself in the kitchen. "Jewelry is the one thing I can wear every day that makes me feel dressed up and feminine. I'm usually covered in flour and a stained apron, so to have something sparkly on my ears or my hand just makes me smile and feel sparkly," said Shulman. 


Shulman's is styling the Skeie's Jewelers diamond drop earrings that feature .32ctw Black Label round diamonds, J color, and SI1-SI2 in clarity, with .10ctw of additional diamonds set in 18k white gold. These stunning earrings twist the classic diamond stud look, as they feature small dangles, giving a more unique but sparkly look. 


Earrings were the perfect choice for Shulman, as she works with her hair back in the kitchen, and the beautiful dangles are eye-catching and represent her style. "Jewelry makes me feel dressed up. It makes me feel like I'm trying even if my chef whites say otherwise," said Shulman. Since she spends most of her time in the supper club's kitchen, she enjoys feeling as dressed up as she can when there. "I relish the opportunities I get to dress up on days off. I get so excited to put on a dress or a skirt or something ultra feminine as it's so different from my daily uniform," said Shulman. "I find myself getting extremely dressed up to get coffee on a Sunday morning." Shulman emphasizes expressing her femininity often, fitting, as she is one of the leading up-and-coming female chefs in the Philadelphia area. The chef industry is distinctly male-dominated, and breaking into a saturated restaurant scene is difficult. However, Shulman is thankful to reflect that her circumstance has been overall advantageous. "I've been incredibly supported by those men I've worked for and with," said Shulman. "I sometimes have felt the need to prove myself and go the extra mile, but my gender has only made me stand out more in a positive way." Whether it be through delicious cuisine or diamond earrings, Shulman's creativity and style represent the dualities of being a female in the chef industry while remaining true to oneself. Her Supper Club just celebrated its first anniversary and shows no signs of slowing down. She credits her growing success to tenacity but also to remaining humble. "Work hard and be kind," said Shulman. "A positive attitude and eagerness to learn can open most doors." 

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