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Responsible Sourcing Diamonds.

True love and passion for crafting the perfect diamond happens before the diamond is cut, polished, and placed. Skeie’s is devoted to presenting the highest quality and outstanding diamonds. We have a trained gemologist on hand with over 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry to reaffirm our diamond sourcing. 

In our dedication, this means responsibly sourcing our diamonds, ensures that our partners maintain a good and honest business reputation, never misrepresent synthetic, altered, or simulated stones as natural diamonds. 

- Skeie's Jewelers 

You may have a few questions about diamonds and how they’re sourced! Check out some of our FAQs below.

Is diamond mining harmful to the environment?

The diamond industry is one of the most regulated industries in the world. In that, diamond producers have a small footprint, meaning mining operations do not require large area masses. To add to that, diamond mining does not require the use of toxic chemicals. The process relies on water and pressure to separate diamonds from the Kimberlite rock. Areas spent for diamond mining are restored and used as animal reserves.

Does diamond mining harm people?

Modern diamond mining creates safe and high-earning career opportunities in areas where job possibilities are limited. The De Beers Group, oversees standards that prioritize the safety, wellbeing and economic prosperity of their employees and contractors. 

How do I know if a diamond was ethically sourced?

 In addition to following the requirements of the Kimberley Process, the industry abides by international human rights laws and labor regulations. Our partners also follow country-specific rules to ensure it does business in the most responsible and sustainable way.

Is the diamond industry dominated by a monopoly?

There is no Monopoly in today’s diamond market. No one company has a majority market share of diamond production.

When you purchase a diamond engagement ring from Skeie’s you’re not only committing to your life partner, but also a statement of commitment to fair trade, environmental preservation and employee rights.

We proudly uphold these standards of beauty, rarity, and sustainability. We want to extend an invitation, come visit our store and see these one of kind diamonds. You can also learn more about diamonds by checking out our other blog posts and following us on Instagram! Find out more about Skeie's Jewelers commitment to integrity, responsible sourcing and to the preservation and protection of the natural world.

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