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What is winetasia?

Winetasia is an event hosted by Silvan Ridge Winery in collaboration with local businesses and in support of Kids FIRST. It is one of our favorite events of the year. This event includes food, dancing, and live music. Every year, Skeie's donates a piece to the raffle which contributes towards the donation to Kids FIRST.

WHat is kids first?

Kids FIRST is an organization with the mission to provide intervention and advocacy for children. This includes children who are victims of, or witnesses to, crime. Since 1994, this organization has provided a central location for child abuse investigations to take place. This eliminates needing multiple different agencies to interview the child. 

To contribute towards Kids FIRST, click here

  Some of the other charities that we contribute towards 

To donate to Jewelers For Children, click HERE

To donate to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Emerald Valley, click HERE

To donate to the CASA, click HERE

To donate to the Eugene Symphony, click HERE

To donate to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, click HERE

To donate to Camp Harlow, click HERE

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