Skeies Jeweler’s Commitment

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

    Here at Skeie’s Jewelers, we not only consider the impact we have on our local community, we also value the impact our jewelry has on a broader socio-economic scale internationally. Our mission is to provide exquisite jewelry, all while utilizing ethical practices that benefit and empower global communities and economies.

Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

Skeie’s Jewelers no longer purchases diamonds from Russia. 

All of our diamonds are vetted through the Kimberley Process, which ensures that the diamonds we receive are conflict-free and have not been found in war-torn countries.

You can read more about the Kimberley Process here.

We have a trained gemologist on hand with over 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry to reaffirm our diamond sourcing. 

In the past decade, many diamond mines have placed sustainability and a positive socio-economic impact as a high importance. These are just a few ways that diamond mines have been taking steps to leaving a positive socio economic impact. 


Dominion Diamond Mines in Diavik, Northwest Territories, Canada

•Dominion Diamond mines is a part of the Socio-Economic Monitoring Agreement (SEMA) which is a partnership involving the government and indigenous tribes in the area. This has ensured the policies presented have been implemented and monitored.

•All water returned to the local lake undergoes rigorous treatment to ensure it is safe for the community to use.

•Diavik operates one of the largest hybrid wind-diesel power facilities at a remote mine site in the world which has helped reduce the overall GHG emission by 84 thousand tons.

•Nearly half of the employees are local indigenous residents, as Dominion strives to employ and provide opportunities for the community at-large.

•Diavik provides 64 scholarships annually, totalling $255,000 to Northern and Southern territory residents.

•Diavik is a member of the Responsible Jewellry Council

You can read more in-depth about Dominion and Diavik here


Lucara Diamond in Botswana

Diamond mining and exports in Botswana helped lift the country to being an upper middle-income country in Africa.

•67% of the board members and executives and 31% of the workforce are women at Lucara.

•Invested thousands into the Karowe Village Initiative, which helped build farms to fight malnutrition in the community.

•No freshwater was used in mining, and 724,991m of water was recycled.

•No non-compliance issues were filed in 2020 for water quality permits, standards, or regulations. This ensures neighboring farms were not impacted by the mine’s water usage.

•In 2020, the mine invested over 1.54 million to empower their surrounding villages and residents.

You can read more in-depth about Lucara Diamond here

We prioritize sourcing our gemstones from vendors who are a part of American Gem Trade Association AGTA members. The AGTA is one of the most prominent gem associations, with over 1,100 members. Each member must adhere to a strict code of ethics in order to maintain membership, which includes  transparency with the consumer and ethical sourcing practices. You can read the AGTA Code of Ethics here

Upon request, we will provide a GIA certification for any gemstone we sell, to ensure accuracy and origins.

Gold is the most popular metal to use in fine jewelry due to its durability and beautiful color. It is also a metal that can be recycled since it maintains value and loses none of its strength in the process. Though gold is still mined, 28% of gold in circulation is recycled, with some of our vendors exclusively using only recycled gold. Stuller is one of our prominent vendors that only works with recycled gold. 

Recycled gold is an ethical choice when purchasing a piece of jewelry, as it has not originated from a mine in recent years, and can be melted down and reused again. Skeie’s offers the option to trade in gold to be credited toward a purchase at our store.