How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

The Skeie's Jewelers starter guide to finding the perfect engagement Ring.

How To Buy A Wedding Ring

It can be intimidating to walk into a jewelry store. As a family owned and operated business, we live in this community, and we love everyone in this community. We consider everyone a potential friend of our family and we look forward to meeting you.

What is a Cushion-cut Diamond?

The cushion cut fascinates more and more brides-to-be with its large appearance andstunning light reflection. But do you know how to identify a cushion-cut among the many diamond cuts in the market?

Bridal Jewelry

Though the ring is the central focus of wedding jewelry, finding other pieces for your wedding day is important as well. 

Diamond Guide for Engagement Rings

The first step is to determine what type of gemstone your partner would like in an engagement ring.

Which hand does the engagement ring go on?

The movies got it right, and such an important gift needs to be perfect and every detail about it relevant! For example, the question of what hand to wear engagement jewelry is one we often get at Skeie’s Jewelers.

The Guide to Fancy Diamond Shapes

A diamond shape refers to its physical form and is often one of the first features one will consider when buying a diamond. Fancy shaped diamonds are not restricted to just engagement rings, but can also be applied to a variety of diamond jewelery.

Diamond Sourcing

True love and passion for crafting the perfect diamond happens before the diamond is cut, polished, and placed. Skeie’s is devoted to presenting the highest quality and outstanding diamonds.

The Guide to Fancy Color Diamonds

This is one of nature's most beautiful and rare occurrences. Color diamonds vary in all shades, tones, and hue intensities.