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Earrings to win
all hearts

Just throw your hair back, tuck the loose strands behind your ears, and let your earrings shine! 

Their versatility goes back to ancient times and civilizations. Earrings remain unshakable: they do not go out of fashion and are considered a must-have accessory for women. 

Say yes to earrings!

The right earrings can work wonders since they illuminate your face and eyes and complete your image as a whole. There is not the slightest doubt that earrings are an essential part of any wardrobe. 


Guaranteed to turn heads

We know they’ve always been popular, but earrings have become very trendy this season, so chose this accessory to adhere to the style of your outfits. 

With the earrings boom, designers have developed fashion accessories in several styles: luxurious, minimalistic, neutral, a little quirky, ​​with dark or sharp details and patterns. 

Earring models are many, here are some original styles:


Hoop earrings are a timeless trend that designers are again turning to and suggesting all kinds of reinterpretations. Despite the wide variety of styles, hoop adds versatility to any outfit.


Jackets showcase a design of two decorative parts, while the back fragment is larger than the front one so that its edges stand out against the background of the lobe.


Clusters form complicated adorning pieces of several stones, embossed, curled, and sometimes encrusted with diamonds. They look no less beautiful than stud earrings, but just as pleasant and comfortable to wear, which is important.


Chain earrings are nothing more than links that work as an attachment or thread leading to a round metal cluster or a scattering of stones at the end.


Chandeliers are voluminous and colorfully decorated. Their outline resembles an upside-down candelabrum and sometimes half-moons. Such jewelry is perfect for creating a conceptual style and will become a real outlet for courageous and experimenting individuals.


Studs are miniature accessories consisting of a decorative head on a pin and a clip. Studs often carry pearls and gemstones. The smaller the jewelry, the more delicate it looks: the industry this season is very much in love with miniature gemstone studs.  


Dangle earrings are the jewelry of a pronounced elongated shape, sometimes shoulder-length featuring a variety of gemstones. Dangle earrings look particularly mesmerizing with short hair.


Climbers are a fashionable novelty made of tiny stones, pearls, or gold beads in the form of a stalk, rising upward against the earlobe. The modern designs aggregate luxury to the image, but they sure evoke a mysterious atmosphere.

Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are earrings attached at different parts of the lobe and ear shell, sometimes covering and adorning the entire ear. They bring the idea of a glamorous armor.

When in doubt, here is what you do 

Always wear colors that make you feel represented and connected. Remember you can also choose two-tone earrings. 
But if you are browsing all types of earrings and are developing an I-love-them-all obsession, consider what the choice of metals can do for your complexion:

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold favors warm complexions and looks absolutely dazzling against hazel hair color and orange eye-shadows. 

White Gold

White gold looks amazing against fairly pale skin or stark dark hair and combines well with infinite outfit colors.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold goes particularly well with darker skin tones and copper eye shadows. It complements redheads incredibly.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver looks very alluring against gray and light green eyes or gray hair and is invitingly affordable. 

Oxidized Sterling Silver

Oxidized Sterling Silver instantly refers to a noble air and are the best-friends of braid lovers. Add a bohemian vibe to any look!

Give in to gemstones


Diamond earrings transform evening dresses with their elegant and fascinating shine. Such products will become a lively accent and make your image more extravagant.


Pearl earrings are bright and exotic, it perfectly embodies softness and femininity. Hanging jewelry made of iridescent pearls looks very gentle on the ears. Pearls have conquered the hearts of men, let them conquer yours.


Sapphire earrings make blue eyes pop and will always enhance any azure shade you have on.  It is not at all surprising that they have become the object of desire of many women.


Emeralds suit redheads like no other gem while conveying a message of eagerness. Earrings made of them not only help in creating a romantic image but also successfully emphasize the natural beauty of their owner.
Do not forget that each gemstone its own symbolism.
Emerald is known to represent hope, rubies passion, sapphires wisdom, while amethysts speak of sincerity.

Beware of myths

It is believed that wearing a necklace and earrings at the same time is bad manners because this could supposedly overload the area around the face. 
We say common sense rules here when considering substantial elements, then it is disadvantageous to place them next to each other. But studs or thin, elongated earrings with a neat pendant are a more than charming and chic combination.

Match, match, match!

Earrings sets with earrings and matching necklaces are a great way to create stylish looks. Endless combinations give special emphasis to an idealistic and delicate nature. And there is nothing more thoughtful than gifting a cherished friend with a matching set.

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