How to redesign old jewelry and make it
look new

Creative (and safe) ways to remodel jewelry explained

Many of us have old jewelry pieces in our jewelry boxes. They usually mean a lot to us, but we might not wear them because they’ve either lost their glow or no longer match our style. But what if we could bring new life to our old jewelry?
Well, now you can become the owner of stylish modern jewelry made to order from precious metals, which will be created just for you, considering all your wishes and utilizing your cherished pieces!
With the ever-changing trends we see around us, including fashion jewelry designs, redesigning is a great way to update pieces that are out of style while taking advantage of precious metals and stones.
Whether the jewelry pieces you have are currently broken or just collecting dust, there are many ways you can still enjoy them and bring them back to life. In this article, we’re happy to show you many ways you can update old pieces to look brand new.

Great reasons for updating old jewelry

• You can get creative - the options are endless
• Your new piece can look just like you imagined
• You can honor the person who may have gifted a piece to you
• Jewelry redesign is a sustainable choice
• This is an approachable way to wear something new at a potentially lower price
• Reinvent all your outfits based on the unique pieces you create
• Your custom piece will be completely unique

What are the steps to remodel jewelry?

1. Book an appointment with our Skeie’s experts! They will guide you through the initial steps, including the design possibilities at your disposal with your current pieces.
2. From there, you can either ask for design suggestions or share a design you would like to see on paper. Don’t worry—a designer will help you bring your thoughts to life during your free-of-charge consultation!
3. Once you are satisfied with the custom design, your sketch will become a 3D model and printed as a wax version of the piece you designed.
4. Artisans and goldsmiths take it from there, and you will have the best of both worlds—jewelry of sentimental value that still looks fresh, creative, and modern. Voilà

Ideas to remodel old jewelry

• Make earrings out of rings and vice versa
• Merge wedding bands to form a wider cocktail ring
• Replace an old piece’s stones with new ones for a pop of color
• Enhance the look of old gemstones with a new diamond halo section


• Transform earrings into a new necklace pendant
• Reset diamonds from old rings and bracelets or even watch dials
• Fashion a lovely three-stone engagement ring out of a solitaire family heirloom

Where to redesign jewelry in Eugene, OR?

Skeie’s is your redesign jewelry store in Eugene. At Skeie’s, you find qualified specialists and modern equipment to design new jewelry or add a spin to old jewelry with innovative reinterpretations.

We are proud to serve the Eugene community since 1922 with beauty, art, and a creative approach to all pieces of jewelry brought to us.


Here are other services you can get at Skeie’s


Jewelry Repair

At Skeie’s, you can take advantage of the full range of services from repair and restoration of jewelry, chain soldering, resetting loose stones, rhodium plating, resizing, cleaning, and polishing.
We use specialized equipment and professional expertise to create repairs at the highest level of craftsmanship, no matter the complexity of the work that you have entrusted to us.

Watch Repair

We accurately determine any malfunctions and carry out all the necessary work to restore your watches and timepieces.
If you have a slow or fast watch, we will adjust or repair its mechanism. We also replace broken or scratched dials and polish the case and bracelet. At the end of the repair, we re-diagnose the product with all the manufacturer's preventive measures.
Our knowledgeable team will advise you on all issues and check the condition of your watch or timepiece before starting the repair. Bring your favorite watch back to life with Skeie’s certified watch repair services.


Custom Designs

Contrary to redesign and remodeling, we can craft a brand-new piece for you or assist you in creating a personalized piece for a beloved family member or friend.
The possibilities here are endless and exciting! You can engrave a ring or long pendant with a name, favorite phrase or lyrics, or an important date.
Custom jewelry for gifting can include choosing a setting with their birthstone (or favorite stones) and even shopping matching sets and engraving them, as is the case with many wedding bands, but now also with stackable bands shared among sisters and best friends.


Enjoy Skeie’s expertise.

Our professionals are always happy and ready to help you let your imagination fly and surprise a loved wife or fiancé with a customized piece. We are prepared to completely transform old pieces of jewelry and let you participate in the entire process.
If your jewelry is worn out, in need of an update, or simply lost its shape over time, we’re here to help. Our jewelry store offers a wide range of services, from making jewelry ordered from a photo to sketching and designing every detail with you. Find us at 10 Oakway Center in Eugene, Oregon, or schedule an appointment today at 541-345-0354.