Wedding Band Essentials

If the thought of getting wedding bands makes you wrinkle your brows, it’s time you read this illustrative article where we include handy tips for this enjoyable and important step of your wedding ceremony. 
The truth is, one of the most fun and crucial moments of wedding preparation is choosing your wedding bands together. We are here to show you how!

Why wedding bands are important

The custom of putting a ring on the ring finger has been preserved since the days of the ancient Romans, who believed that it was this finger that had a so-called "vein of love" leading straight to the heart.
Wedding bands have been intimately connected to our emotions and love for another person. Their circular shape represents eternity and a life commitment. 

Wedding bands
vs Engagement Rings

While both rings are closely linked to romance and a desire to show the world that you are committed to and in love with someone special, wedding bands and engagement rings have their differences.
Engagement rings are offered during an engagement proposal, while the wedding bands are exchanged by a couple during their wedding ceremony and are often purchased by the couple together. 

Left or right hand?

Wedding bands are most frequently placed on the ring finger of the left hand. 
However, this is not true everywhere. In fact, many cultures of northern Europe put wedding bands on the right hand, while formerly in England, wedding bands were worn on the thumb!
     Where to go

If you are looking for wedding bands in or near Eugene, Oregon, at Skeie’s jewelers we have a vast selection of bands to choose from and knowledgable staff that can guide you through the process of choosing your perfect wedding band.

Consider stackable rings

We know you already have a gorgeous engagement ring that you love to stare at, well, now you can have two of those! Use this opportunity to make the combination magical for you. 
For every bride who would like to keep wearing her engagement ring, your main focus should be to make it look delightful, so you won’t tire of them over time. Stacking engagement rings and wedding bands is a great way to update your wedding set.



Once upon a time, wedding bands were a common wide gold strip, now creativity has welcomed everything.
Original designs tend to be more complex and costly but consider that your wedding band can be enriched with precious stones set on the band or showcase a new design that gives life to unusual styles and shapes. 



Indeed, on the models allowing it, an engraving offer will be proposed to you where you can write your names, the wedding date, or a word that means cherished memories. 

On glitter and shine

Here are the options of metals from which the bands can be made: yellow, white, or rose gold. Or maybe you like modern combinations: platinum, palladium, and even carbon.
Remember to keep in mind the tone in jewelry you wear most often. This will greatly help in the choice since now you have to combine them with a wedding band.

Metals for different personalities

If you seek the most popular metals, yellow gold will be for you. 
For couples who want an extra touch of liveliness to the choice of wedding bands while remaining in the ranks of tradition, a good compromise can be to opt for a rose gold band.
If you want to impress with exquisite, durable, and incredibly anatomic bands, palladium and carbon are for you. 
For lovers of minimalism and sleek designs, white gold and platinum are definitely a great starting point. 


Extra help?

Unsure where to start preparing for your wedding? Clear step-by-step instructions like these are waiting for you at Skeie’s, the place to go for wedding bands in Eugene, Oregon. 
Skeie’s staff have practical advice to will help you easily tackle this step without being distracted by unnecessary actions.