September Birthstone: Sapphire

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The September Birthstone: Sapphire 

The birthstone for September is the stunning sapphire gem. Cherished for thousands of years, this gem has long been a symbol of romanticism and royalty. The term “Sapphire” is of Greek origins meaning blue stone. Although Sapphire is often thought of as a blue gem, this birthstone comes in a rainbow of other colors such as pink, yellow, orange, peach and violet. Let’s learn more about Sapphire. 

The first few Sapphires were discovered in Kashmir, Myanmar during the late 1800s, when a landslide in the Himalayas exposed a large pocket of blue crystals. From 1882 to 1887, thousands of large, blue crystals were recovered. While sapphires are primarily sourced from Kashmir, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, the September birthstone has also been found in Australia, Madagascar, and the United States. 

Since their discovery, sapphires have been adorned by royalty and the robes of the clergy. Historically, the Greeks and Romans also believed that blue sapphires protected their owners from harm. The Sapphire gem has a notable reputation to date, this includes Princess Diana’s diamond and sapphire engagement ring and the Rockefeller sapphire.

The September birthstone is relatively hard, ranking 9 on the Mohs scale, making it a great choice for rings and other mountings subject to daily wear.

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